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Often the project sustainability is related to the opportunity for continuation of certain activities perceived as important by the implementing agency. In the frame of the current project there were taken into consideration all recommendations from the beneficiaries local authorities and GPs as well as the rural women. In fact that was one of the most relevant aspect in terms of sustainability and result of the initiative: it was built relation of trust between the BFPA service providers from one side and local partners and clients.

Certainly the sustainability has also financial dimensions. It was assured additional funding for the project activities until November 2010, i.e. 15 months prolongation. The interest of donor is based on the need for health services and especially in the field of sexual and reproductive health. The financial means continue to be dedicated in the districts of Rousse and Pleven, using the same approach of the work.

The successful implementation of the ROSE project gave the opportunity for its replication in other regions of the country. For instance there were collected and analyzed data in regard to screening programmes related to HIV and sexually transmitted infections and the base of the established relations with local authorities repeat the approach used under ROSE project.

Last but not least, the sustainability is related to the commitment of the local authorities towards the health problems of local communities. Many of these local authorities expressed willingness to co-finance of the activities and there were assured some resources.