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Position Paper on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights and Trafficking

The document presents situation analysis in regard to trafficking of human beings, linkage between trafficking and SRHR, the position of BFPA on the issue as well as recommendations for further activities.

Trafficking for sexual exploitation and sexual health, Health and social services in eight EU countries

The material has information related to health and social services available in 8 EU-members. For 6 of them there are presented the legal framework in regard to sex services, access to health care and migration. For each of the covered countries is presented information for relevant NGOs, municipality and state structures that provide services such as abortion, contraception, hepatitis, HIV and sexually transmitted infection (STI) testing, STI treatment, and gynecology; it includes also information for support of trafficked persons, accompanying of trafficked people to relevant institutions (medical or juridical), personal safety, help for repatriation, psychological counseling etc. The material is available in Bulgarian.

Trafficking. The flyer has basic information related to trafficking of women, frequent situation for trafficking as well as recommendations to avoid such situations and reaction in case of trafficking. The material is in Bulgarian.

Violence. The material has information related to sexual violence. (only in Bulgarian)

Boys became men, girls became women. The material has information related to sexual maturity. There are covered themes related to men and women reproductive systems, personal hygiene, and safe sex practices.

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